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17 Kim Schell, Damien Krisl, Never Ending Now, Video

Discover the retro-futuristic universe of photographer Damien Krisl


For Numéro, Damien Krisl presents his last short film Never Ending Now, starring the model Kim Schell in a retro-futurist world.

Numero Magazine presents a short film directed by Damien Krisl. With an extremely sharp imagery, this short treats exclusively the adverse effects of media manipulation.


The viewers face an empty room which immediately builds up like a metaverse environment or a Sims game house. With every object planted coming from the Space Age era and styling inspired by retro fashion, the film plunges us into retro futurism; the future that never came.


People’s idea of the future years - which in fact rarely ends up like we’ve imagined – is paralleled here with the desirable messages sent by media. The latter made to obsess, over the unreal. Kim Schell embodies here the perfect role of the lonesome girl, with only her TV to talk to, dragging her inside, only to discover the tunnel of hidden reality.


The Never Ending Now, edited in a loop and portraying its subject in a never ending circle, is a reminder to grasp the instant. Rather than to look up at what will only leave you wanting more. And more, and more, and more...


In his videos as well as in his pictures, the Swiss photographer and director Damien Krisl builds up new worlds where fashion and cinema meets. Inspired by the idea of retro-futurism, his production explores the aesthetic of a future dreamed since the sixties but still not exists. As in his serie of fashion pictures for the Numéro 233, “Tangerine Dream”.


Credits list:
Director Damien Krisl starring Kim Schell
Production Cadence Films
Producer Carole Guenebaud Executive Producer Romain Nougaret Line Producer Catherine Guillot Assistant Director Jordan Stupnicki Art Director Flore Bottaro
DOP Sidney Baucheron
Script Writer Alexandre Vladimir Casting Director Nicolas Bianciotto Makeup Eny Whitehead
AD / Graphist Romane de Cidrac Creative Consultant Olivier Leone
AC Franck Leclerc
Set Design Sylvain Cabouat
Machinist Sam Fischer
Electro Vincent Taberlet
DIT Edouardo Frachini
Steadicam Sacha Naceri
Photo assistant Constance Giacometti Sound Operator Antoine Caracci
Post Production Senses
Post Supervisor Arthur de Seze Editor Quentin Danos
Colorist Robin Risser
VFX Akito Dumora
Composer Ant Pablos
Sound Design Quentin Danos Sound Recording Raphael Acker Shoes by Nodaleto