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31 Kylie Minogue comes back as a disco queen

Kylie Minogue comes back as a disco queen


Two years after her last album, “Golden”, Kylie Minogue announced on her Instagram page the release of her fifteenth studio album named “Disco”. The Australian singer made a splash in the music industry by unveiling “Say Something”, a very upbeat first extract of the album.

“Say Something”, extrait de “Disco”, le 15ème album studio de Kylie Minogue.

Even though it was just released, we can’t get Say Something out of our heads. Built on synths sounds with funky guitar solos and pop/soul influences, Say Something resonates as a love letter to the disco era. With a specific 80s sound, the first extract of the Australian singer’s fifteenth alum — produced during quarantine — displays lyrics inspired by the sanitary crisis, but filled with optimism: “We're a million miles apart in a thousand ways/baby, you can light up the dark like a solar scape.”


For her big comeback after her last album Golden, the artists behind Can’t Get You Out of my Head displays a new aesthetic on the cover of her album, Disco, unveiled last week on her Instagram account. With black kohl on her eyes, XXL lashes, sanguine lips and a most faltering perm, the Australian singer takes her fans on a nostalgic trip back to the 80s, as did The Weekend with their retro hit Blinding Lights and Dua Lipa with her album Future Nostalgia. Since its release, Say Something has sown tremendous success in the charts and ranks second on the British iTunes, third on the French one and made the top 10 in the United-States.  


Disco by Kylie Minogue is already available for preorders on Amazon. The album is to be released on November 6th.


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